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Mr./Ms. President 2020 (it is a discussion Board)Answers 22Homework Assignment

President in Trump has yet to complete his first 100 days in office and yet political pundits have begun speculation of potential challengers to his reelection in 2020. For this week's discussion you are required to research a member of Congress (or a member of the Senate) that you believe based on his/her qualifications would be a suitable President of the United States in 2020.  In your post you are required to provide a minimum of three reasons why you believe the particular individual is qualified and would make a suitable U.S. President. Please note that if you select a candidate that identifies with the Republican party that candidate would need to defeat President Trump in the primary election as opposed to the general election.  

Discuss why at this early stage you would support this candidate and encourage him/her to run for the office.  Be sure to provide citation for this candidate to allow your peers to conduct research of their own on the individual.  

I encourage to you research specific committees the individual serves on; bills introduced or co-sponsored by the individual; outside government experience; potential support from one of the major parties; age; gender; race etc. 

In your replies to your peers discuss specifics that would prevent you from supporting the candidate they support.  

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