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Midterm Exam This exam covers material from Weeks 1–4 

Midterm Exam This exam covers material from Weeks 1–4  This exam includes 10 essay questions; there are 20 points possible for each question, meaning there is a total of 200 points Responses are expected to be in your own words. Generally, the use of directly quoted material is limited to no more than 20 percent of the total for each response Quoted material must be properly cited in-text and at the end of the response in APA format. Failure to cite may be considered plagiarism and lead to loss of points or failure of the exam The response must reflect comprehension of the issue and provide sufficient defense of the chosen position as well as responding to all questions posed You may use references, but you must properly cite them You have 240 minutes to complete this exam; manage your time carefully. It is recommended that you write down the questions when you start If you have computer problems, you can finish the exam and email your instructor within the time allowed. The instructor can determine the time you were logged on and will allow you to complete and email the exam in the remaining time

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