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Media & Sociey Paper – parasocial relationshipsAnswers 1Homework Assignment

After studying the assigned reading The Handbook of Communication Science, Second Edition: Chapter 20: Media Entertainment, considering the topic of parasocial relationships, answer the following questions or prompts.


A) Identify a character in a show with whom you have developed (in the past or present) a parasocial relationship. Remember, this personal can be “real” or a character role. Explain why this character/person is compelling to you.


B) How do you “know” or view this character outside of their role on the show? Have they influenced you in any way besides the aspect of entertainment?


C) Explain any emotional attachment to the character or person. Have they disappointed you? Motivated you? How and why? 


Make in text citations where necessary, and cite any outside sources that you use.


-No plagerism. Please make sure you read the attached reading. Needs to be in apa format. Please cite sources from the reading and outside sources as well. Make sure reference page is included. Need by Sunday, Sept 11th @ 11:30am.



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