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local government questionAnswers 28Homework Assignment

from irving place. most of them are one word question and the one for paragraph needs only 5 lines.


1. Who is your county commissioner? What district or place does he represent? 

2. How are County Commissioners chosen? What are the terms of a County Commissioner?

3. Write one paragraph describing the job of county commissioner. (In your own words)

4. Who is your County Judge?

5. What does the county judge do? (In your own words)

6. Who is your county Sheriff? 

7. What does the country Sheriff do? (In your own words)

8. Watch a video on YouTube or other website on a Local issue in your city. Be sure to include the link to the video and make sure the video is at least 3 minutes long. Summarize the points made in the video. 

9. Write a four-paragraph summary of an article for an OP-ED written on a State or local issue. Be sure to include a link to the op-ed.Make sure you cover the following questions. 

a. What is the argument of the op-ed?

b. Why is this an important issue?

c. To what extent do you agree with the author? Why? To what extent do you disagree? Why?

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