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(Learning Objective 1: Measure and report current

(Learning Objective 1: Measure and report current liabilities) Gulfshore Marine experienced these events during the current year.a. December revenue totaled $180,000; and, in addition, Gulfshore collected sales tax of 6%. The tax amount will be sent to the state of Alabama early in January.b. On August 31, Gulfshore signed a six-month, 4% note payable to purchase a boat costing $78,000. The note requires payment of principal and interest at maturity.c. On August 31, Gulfshore received cash of $5,000 in advance for service revenue. This revenue will be earned evenly over six months.d. Revenues of $800,000 were covered by Gulfshore’s service warranty. At January 1, estimated warranty payable was $9,600. During the year, Gulfshore recorded warranty expense of $32,000 and paid warranty claims of $29,900.e. Gulfshore owes $100,000 on a long-term note payable. At December 31, 3.5% interest for the year plus $20,000 of this principal are payable within one year.

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