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Learning Activity #1 Theme 1The article,The Balan

Learning Activity #1 Theme 1The article,The Balanced Scorecard, as well as this week’s readings discusses the balanced scorecardArtemus Gordon is mentoring a new management trainee The new trainee is unfamiliar with the balance scorecard and its use in the production department Artemus says,The best tool a manager has is a balanced scorecard becauseFinish the statement by explaining the purpose of a balance scorecard and how it functionsThen, compare the value of the SWOT tool to the value of the Balance Scorecard Do you agree with Artemus that the Balance Scorecard has more value or are we comparing apples and oranges? Learning Activity #2 Theme 2Traditionally, the managerial function of controlling is not to be confused with control in the behavior or in the manipulative sense The control function does not imply that managers should attempt to control or to manipulate the personalities, values, attitudes, or emotions of his or her employees Instead, this function of management concerns the manager’s role in taking necessary actions to ensure that the work-related activities of employees are consistent with, and contribute toward the accomplishment of organizational and departmental objectivesResearch the concept of the virtual organization Then, explain how a manager can measure work that is performed when the employee may be 5,000 miles away? Be sure to consider the virtual and global organizations and how a manager would control and measure work from afar

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