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jump to content[c] tools[l] Sites[w]Sites list begins here Home MGMT312 I002 Sum 18Sites AlishaMGMT312 I002 Sum 18AssignmentsTools list begins here Course Home Announcements Calendar Messages Forums Syllabus Lessons Adobe Connect Resources Assignments Tests & Quizzes Gradebook Resource Center Help Roster Campus APUS LibraryContent begins hereLinkHelpOpens in a new window Assignment List Week 7 Assignment: LeadershipWeek 7 Assignment: LeadershipDUE: Sep 23, 2018 11:55 PMAssignment DetailsOpen DateAug 6, 2018 12:05 AMGraded?NoResubmissions Allowed?NoAttachments checked for originality?YesAssignment InstructionsFor this assignment, you are required to write a Leadership Research Essay.Requirement: Using the terms, concepts, and theories learned in this course, write a 5 to 7 page (Times New Roman 12 font with double-spaced lines) leadership essay defining your leadership philosophy with one or more of the leadership theories we have studied.  Each page should be approximately 350 words, so the total word count (not counting the reference page and the title page) should be at least 1750 words.  Papers with fewer than 1750 words will have deductions for lack of content.   Quotes should be limited and if necessary, cited appropriately. For this assignment, the use of first person is allowed. No abstract is necessary.  Include a clear and concise introductory and concluding paragraph.Research: Additionally, using the APUS Online Library, conduct research and incorporate at least two (2) additional sources other than your textbook and course articles to support your essay. Use the APA Style to cite your “in-text” references and to list your references on a reference page.Your essay will address these questions:A. What leadership model, style, or theory best describes you as a leader?  Why?   Give examples using the terms and concepts in your textbook.1) Skills Approach2) Situational Approach3) Behavioral Approach4) Trait Approach5) Path-Goal ApproachB. What are your most distinguishing leadership traits?  What traits do you strive to learn to develop?C. As a follower, what leadership approach do you prefer from your leader?D. What leadership model or theory best describes how you influence others? Give examples.E. Based on your self-assessments, your current leadership and motivational skills, and the knowledge you have gained from the course materials, what goals will you set and what plan of action will you implement to improve your (1) leadership and (2) motivation? Include the type of leadership theory or model you intend to implement to achieve your goals.F. Explain the steps you need to take to complete each of these self-improvement goals?Save your essay as Last Name_Leadership Research Essay_MGMT312.doc (e.g. Smith_Leadership Research Essay_MGMT312.doc).When you are ready, upload your essay for grading.Paper Format:A. Title Page – Include a title page with your name, student number, title of your paper, course number, course name, and date.B. Introductory Paragraph – Include an introductory paragraph that ends.C. Font and Spacing – Use Times New Roman 12 font with double spaced lines.D. Length – Write a 5 page essay not including the title page and citation page.E. Reference Page – Include all sources including your textbook on a Reference page1. Utilize the APA Style for documenting sources. Remember to include at least 2 scholarly sources other than your textbooks. Finally, remember Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source.  Quotes must be properly cited.  Limit quotes to less than 10% of your paper if you must have any.2. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs with transition and topic sentences, and summary) grammar and documentation count toward your grade.

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