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IT 3318 Systems AdministrationUnit 1 DiscussionOS

IT 3318 Systems AdministrationUnit 1 DiscussionOS System Upgrade.All operating systems age and there comes a time when they need to be upgraded or replaced.Discuss your responsibilities as a system administrator when planning for an upgrade to a network operating system. What are some of the things you should consider during your planning?As with all discussions in this course, it is recommended that you make your initial post by 12 a.m. Central Standard Time on Wednesday evening to allow time for your peers to respond.Response GuidelinesThe expectation within the course discussions is to respond to at least two posts by each Sunday evening, but it is highly recommended that you extend the dialog further. Responding over multiple days will help in stimulating a lively discussion. Start by submitting your initial post on (or before) Wednesday. If you provide responses to your peers on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and your peers reciprocate with their responses, you will have more opportunity for in-depth interaction with your classmates and the instructor.Prior to Sunday evening, read your peers’ posts, and provide feedback to at least two of them.Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Explain basic duties of a system administrator regarding system upgrades.Explain basic duties of a system administrator regarding system upgrades.

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