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IntroductionIn week one, you became aware of the problem-so

IntroductionIn week one, you became aware of the problem-solving model that we will use in this course. This week, think about a problem you are experiencing in your current job. If you are not experiencing a problem, it is fine to think about a prior problem. If you are unable to recall a problem, think about a problem from a prior job. Even if the problem (current or past) was resolved, think about what you would do now when using the problem-solving model used in this course.I am sure that you will be able to think of a current or past problem from a job. If not, you can use a problem that a current business is experiencing. Should you decide to do this, you will act as a consultant for the company for future assignments related to your final paper.Put a lot of thought into this, as you will work on this problem through the remainder of the course, culminating in your final paper that is due at the end of the course. For more information about the final paper, please review the instructions located under the Course Overview Module.InstructionsAfter you decide on which problem you will focus on for your final paper, write a paragraph (at least five sentences) about why you chose this problem. This will serve as a draft for the introduction of your final paper.Following that, draft a problem statement. This should not be wordy; instead, it should be brief. However, be sure to include all of the four required elements (refer to the section on problem statements in this week’s lecture). Your problem statement will also be included in your final paper.Use one-inch margins and a standard font size (11-12).

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