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Introduction to your top 2-3 hazard,Answers 0Homework Assignment

Your paper will be approximately ten (10) pages in length, excluding the title page and reference pages. You do not have to do an abstract for this paper also. You will have four (4) sections to fill in of information, if you hit the target of 1-3 pages per section, you will hit the target total pages. APA requirements will be enforces and you must utilize outside sources other than the text book therefore, you must support your ideas. 


Grammatical errors along with flow and sentence structure will also be graded.  You must be able to convey your message to the reader in the narrative.  Approach this paper and project as if I, as the reader, have no idea of emergency management and you are providing me with this information. As a result, what would you like for me to know and what do I need to know.  As always if you have question please ask me before and not after. Please follow the following outline I provided in the announcements:


Outline for the paper


·         Introduction to your top 2-3 hazard, for example homegrown terrorist. (A paragraph per hazard)

·         Assessment of the risk (use your hazard assessment to tell me the risk of a ____)

·         (You must have a section titled "Assessment of the Risk")

·         Why it is important to address these hazards (2-3pages)

·         Historical context (page)

·         (You must have a sections titled "Historical context")
Provide only the high points or major points of interest, not everything.

·         Planning concepts/Strategies (1 page per hazard)

·         (You must have a sections titled "Planning Concepts")

·         Future ideas (your plan will address the four phases of EM) (page)

·         (You must have a sections titled "Future Ideas")



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