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International GovernmentAnswers 62Homework Assignment

 This is a (2) part project…..First part due 12/1/18 and the second part due 12/7/18.


Prepare outline and annotated bibliography for Issue Paper – Topic: US Cuba relations; Issue: Impact of end of Castro era (1976 – 2018). 

The Outline you will briefly explain what happened (or is happening), when, and where.   The suggested bibliography will help you in your research. The annotation will explain how you expect the source to be helpful -or not very helpful. That helps other researchers.  


Papers must use a minimum of 8 sources, with a minimum of two primary sources and two academic journals.   If you're not sure about the difference between primary and secondary sources, check out the info at:    All sources must be validated as solid, scholarly sources.   Restrict your sources to newspaper articles from major national and international papers (use these sparingly as they tend to be biased and are not often written by experts in the field), published journals and magazine articles, and websites from major organizations and government agencies.   Avoid using more than one book, as you most likely won't have time to read additional books with the load of reading in this course.   Unless you read the entire book, you risk taking information out of context.   Encyclopedias and textbooks may be referenced minimally in your paper, but do not count toward the minimum number of sources.  

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