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InstructionsThe most important task in preparing to write a resea

InstructionsThe most important task in preparing to write a research paper (including a dissertation) is identifying a current problem that is of interest to you. Conducting research can be a daunting task. However, conducting research on a topic or area that is of interest to the researcher can be motivating and make the research process easier.In this assignment, you will conduct research to identify a current problem in an area of interest to you within the field of team behavior. Remember, the focus should be on team themes: Why do teams do what they do? How do we enhance team performance to achieve organizational goals? Summarize your review of at least six peer-reviewed journal articles to find a current problem in your topic or area of interest (within team behavior or team themes). Assess the problem or gap you have found in your review of the literature. Construct the problem or a possible solution to the problem or gap as a model, including presentation of at least one independent variable and one dependent variable, supported by your review of the literature. Analyze why addressing the problem might aid the field of study both practically (actual organizational setting) and academically (filling gaps in the literature and advancing the field). Propose how you might conduct further research to resolve the problem or fill the gap. What is the paradigm or perspective undergirding your research design—Positivist? Social constructivist? Quantitative? Qualitative? Who would you ask to gather research data? How would you ask to gather research data? What are some of the things you would ask? Note: Your proposed research design and method are not expected to be dissertation ready in this assignment. However, you should be able to propose a coherent, supported, general framework for the proposed research.Submission Details: Complete your analysis in a 6- to 7-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.**ATTACHED IS A GUIDE OF WHAT IS BEING ASKED AS EACH TITLE *(Titles that are shown will need to be on this report)*AND WHAT WILL NEED TO BE INCLUDED UNDER EACH TITLE IS EXPLAINED UNDER EACH OF THEM. Thank you

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