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In the Session Long Project for this course, you are working with

In the Session Long Project for this course, you are working with several classmates as a virtual team on a competitive project. This project involves assessment of both group and individual work. Your team’s process and task output will serve as the material for this SLP. The Discussion is the ‘default method’ to communicate with other team members, so respond to the Discussion that is set up for your team.Review the rules for the team project, Virtual Teams: 101 Tips (Module 1 SLP). By now you should have met with your team several times and decided on a short list of tips to submit.SLP Assignment ExpectationsBy the end of this module, submit your list of tips along with a 2- to 3-page analysis that addresses the following questions: What did your team do to establish task and interpersonal connection? Be specific and incorporate the concepts for building task and interpersonal connectedness from this module’s materials. Did your choice of collaboration tools support your efforts to establish connectedness? Explain why or why not. What barriers did you encounter in trying to establish connectedness? Did your team try to address these barriers with any of the methods described in the readings for this module? Keys to the Assignment The paper should have an Introduction, Main Body with Subsections, Conclusions, and Bibliography. Use APA style for references. Be sure to take an analytical approach. I am more interested in ‘why’ and ‘what you did that resulted in that outcome’ than I am in mere description. Be sure that each team member uploads a copy of the team paper for documentation purposes. It works best if you break out your list of tips from the rest of the text and locate the bulleted list at the beginning of your paper.Team  EliteThe commitment to the goals of the team was demonstrated by each member by  completion of the group discussions and module one assignment in a timely manner.  This  successful accomplishment of module one proved everyone in Team Elite was committed to  the goals of the team and created a task connection.Collaborations tools used: Discussion Boards, E-mails & Google DocumentsThe Barriers that we are encountering are: Time-Zones, Diverse locations & the balance of work, school & family

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