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Identify challenges in instituting best practices

Identify challenges in instituting best practices in project management in an organisation and recommend how these challenges can be overcome.RequirementsRead the case study then analyse the findings about the Pilbara Underground Power Project from the perspective of improving project management practices in the organisation (WA government).Further, review the literature to identify obstacles to implementing best practices in project management in organisations and possible approaches to overcome these obstacles.You are expected to present a theoretically informed idea of how the lessons could be transferred to future projects. You need to conduct your own research to support your ideas. As a starting point you need to understand the organisational (WA government) context so that you can consider the obstacles for transferring the lessons to future projects.Your report should include the following:1. Discussion of the lessons(at least 3 issues) which can be identified from WA government’s experience in carrying out the project.2. Analysis of the 1 to 3 challenges in transferring the above lessons to future projects within the case organisation (transferring the lessons is often challenging because it is not easy to change work practices in organisations). Support your analysis with appropriate literature review.3. Based on your conceptual understanding, provide concrete steps in your answer to describe what the case organisation could do to facilitate transferring the lessons learnt to future projects. Support your recommendations with appropriate literature review.Part 2: Develop a Gantt chart and perform a Critical path analysis, 500 words. detailed tasks and requirements are written on the assignment infomation PDF. Please strictly follow that.

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