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Identify and discuss the potential influence of fo

Identify and discuss the potential influence of four of those trends and changes in the external environment on the design and implementation of human resource practices.How will those changes affect the various Human Resource Management functions?Increasing government regulation of health care 2. Aging of the workforce.Increase in outsourcing, offshoring, and employee leasing.Increasing diversity of the American labor force (e.g., women and minorities in the labor force).Multi generational workforce.Increasing use of social networks.Increasing number of foreign-born employees.Global warming and growing environmental awareness.Labor shortages at all skill levels.Threat of stagnant economic growth in United States and globallyListed below are some of the major predictions about changes or trends in the labor/ employment environment that will take place.Read each trend and list some ideas about the impact of these trends on the major human resource management functions: staffing and placement, training and development, salary administration, performance evaluation, job design, promotions, and career planning.That is, what human resource issues will organizations face because of these changes? Suggested Internet Resources U.S. Department of Labor EEOC Society for Human Resource Management Conference Board OSHA U.S. Census Bureau United Nations International Labor Office custom page

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