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1. Record what you eat and the nutritive values for each item for three days (your three day period should include at least one weekend day and/or at least one week day).  This should include each meal, snack, beverage, etc., and the number of servings consumed.  At the minimum the analysis should include information regarding calories, carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber, cholesterol, iron, calcium, sodium, sugars, and vitamins C and D.

To obtain nutritive values use your text, the nutrition facts label on the food container, or on-line resources such as:,  There are also many free apps/websites available such as My fitness Pal and/or Lose It!.  


2.  Record and add up the nutritive values for each day. After the third day, compute a three day average for each nutrient.  Now rate your diet by comparing your averages with those recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):


3. Write a reflection page evaluating your three-day diet by answering the following:

What excesses and/or deficiencies do you see?

What changes in your diet might you recommend?

Any additional comments and impressions will only serve to increase or enhance your dietary analysis grade.

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