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I need a journal written on this Discussion answer. This jo

I need a journal written on this Discussion answer. This journal need to be at least 200 words with excellent grammar.  The first Taoists believed that for man to live a fulfilling life, one has to live in harmony with nature. It is for this reason that the followers of the religion abandon society and live their lives in places far from disturbances of normal societies (Smith, 2017). Some of the values held by Taoists are true, however, human beings are created to be social beings, and humans function optimally in the presence of others. Although the followers of Tao believe in absolving themselves from the society, I believe that it is important to strike a balance rather than going on one extreme.Confucianism and Taoism are said to be similar in some of the aspects governing the religion; in fact, some scholars believe that one is a creation of the other. Confucianism enforces an expected way of life, one that believes that all humans are born similar and hence, are equal (Smith, 2017). Although the believers may hold the idea to be true, I, however, think that it is not entirely right. According to the religion, the follower should strive to live harmoniously with the rest of the people. Essentially, it advocates for social morality in the way people deal with one another. Society has both good and bad people in them and thus Confucianism strives to create a society that is mostly good. For this reason, the religion is helpful in shaping the society to be better because people will strive to do things in the right way. Followers of the religion will always try to be moral in their dealings with other people.Work site1. Smith, H. (2017). The world’s religions.

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