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I have a 3 page assignment due tomorrow on a book called Co

I have a 3 page assignment due tomorrow on a book called Confucius lives next door. by TR Reid, I am offering 30.00 if it can be done by 11 pm Est. tomorrow 09/16/2018.  Only source allowed is the book…   Book Review-Must be in APA format and due-tomorrow-09/15/2018 by 11:am1. What are some specific things described by Reid that demonstrate Confucianism and/or the Confucian ethos or values during their residency in Japan and how do they relate to things we have learned in class about Confucianism?2. How is Confucianism and/or the Confucian ethos expressed in contemporary Japanese culture? From the book, provide some evidence/examples of the 5 Confucian Virtues (jen, yi, li, chih and hsin); the 5 Confucian Key Relationships and corresponding 10 Appropriate Attitudes; the Confucian Doctrine of the Mean; Rectification; etc.3. What lessons can we can take from the Confucian/Japanese experience that might help our culture improve and/or that might improve ourselves?4. What anecdotes from the book struck you in either positive or negative ways? Why? Offer a discussion of education, crime, cultural rites of passage, or interpersonal relationships that you can relate to your major or field of work.Your book review should be 3-4 pages in length,  Only source you can use is” Confucius Lives Next Door “ by T.R. Rein

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