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Hearron, P. F., & Hildebrand, V. (2015). Management of chil

Hearron, P. F., & Hildebrand, V. (2015). Management of child development centers (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.  Chapter 6, “Fiscal Management” (pp. 111–122 only)In this part of Chapter 6, the authors outline the principles of budget planning as well as how to construct and analyze a budget. Focus on the factors that influence decision making regarding budgets and how these factors should be addressed in the construction of a budget for a child development center. Course Project Assignment: Budget PlanningNote: Review the information in the Project Overview section prior to completing this assignment.For this assignment, you will create a budget for the child development center that you identified. To begin, determine the priorities of your center and program, and think about how you might allocate funds based on these goals. Is this a start-up budget (i.e., you are opening a new center), or is this an operating budget (i.e., you are the director of an already established center)? Then, create a spreadsheet that lists income and expenses. (You may use the sample budget shown in Figure 6.5 as a guide, although you should customize your income and expense items and amounts to the resources/needs of your center.) Finally, write a brief 1-page narrative budget that explains the major components of each category and why they are included.You should submit an Excel spreadsheet containing your center’s budget and a Word doc containing a 1-page narrative budget.Due by Day 7 of Week 4.

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