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Growing Cities’ Please respond to the following: Based on the le

Growing Cities’ Please respond to the following: Based on the lecture and Webtext materials, address the following: Examine the main reasons why people are attracted to urban areas in the developing world, and select the key issues that make this rural to urban migration such a difficult problem for governments to deal with. Here is an example of one of the students The main reasons why rural residents in developing countries move to cities because they seem to offer superior work, life opportunities that just aren’t there in the rural areas like education, overpopulation in the countryside, farmers get pushed off their lands by largely scaled agrifarming for the more wealthier countries in need of food and unemployment. So, the hungry and the poor head to the towns. However, when they get there, there is no place to live in town as the costs are too high. They end up on the edge of town in shantytowns or slums where the houses are made from discarded wood, tin, and plastic waste that is picked up alongside the road and are filthy.      The key issues that the government has with the migrants coming to towns are the inadequate healthcare clinics, no infrastructures to help care for the migrants, no social services or food banks. So the migrants have no choice but to beg or rely on handouts from family members if they are lucky.      Other issues are lack of transportation to get to jobs because of no money, public safety because the police force sends all their resources to protect the wealthy, so street crime is high. Electricity is not affordable and often is pirated, unsafe and unreliable.       There are benefits for the migrants to come to the towns, though.  There is hope for a life of opportunities such as health and social services, cultural and political advantages, recycling, transportation, communications, and educational facilities.      Urban dwellers learn to live and work together in spite of their many diversities such as race and religion, forming a more social integration that is unheard of in villages where tribes stay to oneself. They enjoy a higher standard of living than the ones left behind!     As one who grew up in the city then moved to a very rural area, I can attest to some of the problems that migrants face. We were without a car for 8 months. Mind you, the closest town is 14 miles away and the second closest is 18 miles away. So, it was difficult to get into town without relying on a neighbor and usually having to pay $20 for gas which I receive income once a month. Also, health issues become a problem as well. It would take an ambulance 35 – 40 minutes to get here. As of now, we have a car, but I am trying desperately to sell our home/land and move closer to town or in town.

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