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GREEK TRAGEDYWrite a report on Greek Tragedy, paying partic

GREEK TRAGEDYWrite a report on Greek Tragedy, paying particular attention to how a play would have been performed to an audience at the time that Aeschylus lived (c. 525 BCE – c. 456 BCE). Consider the following questions as you generate your report: where would such a play have been performed? In what kind of a theater? Who would be in the audience for such a performance? Who would be the performers? What might have been the function of the performance of a Greek Tragedy?To answer some of these questions, be sure to consider the meaning of the word catharsis, paying particular attention to the function of catharsis in Greek thought, Greek culture.Your report should be filled with information. It is not necessary for you to speculate or to formulate your own opinions about the information you discover. Its purpose is to give you a functional and historical sense of the performance and production of a tragedy in Ancient Greece.Be sure to cite your sources for this report. Whenever you quote from a source, provide proper indication of exactly where the quotation came from. Likewise, when you summarize material from a source, be sure to indicate what it is you are summarizing. Any method of citation is acceptable – footnotes, endnotes, MLA/bibliography – as long as you are consistent.

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