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Government Essay 3Answers 59Homework Assignment


Political scientists are interested in examining one of the great puzzles of American democracy: the avowed support for representative government but low levels of political participation among eligible citizens. Compared to other wealthy democracies, political participation in the US is anemic. Additionally, there is a growing perception that government at all levels of society responds exclusively to the interests of the rich and well connected. Such a perception can contribute to public resentment and cynicism, thereby further discouraging political participation. What does the research tell us about the relationship of the government to the governed?


The purpose of this assignment is to engage you with a topic of current political interest in American politics and relate it to the content in Module 3. Please read the assigned article (below) and think about its implications.


You will formulate your reactions to the assigned article and thoughtfully relate them to what you are learning in Module 3. Please follow these requirements carefully:

  • You must write in your own words (no quotes, paraphrases, or plagiarism).
  • You must write in academic English and proofread for errors. I suggest using the free version
  • of (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or Upswing tutors ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.).
  • Organize your thoughts into paragraphs made up of three to five sentences each. Use this structure to organize your response:
    • Paragraph 1 – What is the general subject of the article?
    • Paragraph 2 – What is the most significant point made in the article?
    • Paragraph 3 – How does the article relate to other material you are learning in Module 3?
    • Paragraph 4 – What did you learn from reading the article?

Link to the article

When Do Members of the U.S. Congress Respond to Less Privileged Constituents? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

You will prepare a 270 word (minimum) essay in which you respond to the prompts listed above. Your response must be written in academic English. You will use your own voice and write in your own words—no quotes or paraphrases allowed. To earn full points you must follow all instructions carefully, proofread for writing errors, and submit on time. Upload your essay by clicking on the yellow submit button to open the text box. Copy/paste your response into the text box and then click on the yellow submit button to submit your work.

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