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Government Answers 4 62Homework Assignment

Assignment 2: Review of Information Sources 

The purpose of this assignment is to draft a preliminary review of information sources for your applied research study (Hispanic women in Politics). This assignment will be used to help you develop a draft prospectus. The review of information sources provides a summary of the history of your topic, recent research in the field, and other pertinent information sources relevant to the topic which may not be based on prior research (e.g., past handbooks or manuals, review of competitor's manuals, other relevant documents, etc.). It should include information about theories, theorists, and a detailed explanation about why this area of research is important, as well as include information that is important or relevant to the specific organization and study. A review of information sources should read like a coherent essay instead of a list of article summaries (annotated bibliography).


Your information source review should include the following:

  • Select publications that were published in the past 10 years.
  • Major theorists in the area that have shaped your discipline and/or applied research topic.
  • Identify a minimum of ten publications, including at least one applied research article.
  • Select documents from the organization that provide information on past policies or practices relevant to the topic.
  • Select documents from similar organizations within the field, such as competitors, that provide information on similar policies and practices relevant to the topic.
  • Draft a clear paper describing the background and recent research about your topic.
  • Explain why your research project is important to your field.

Note: You may refine the literature review started in W7000 and revised in earlier research courses. which is Hispanic Women in Politics.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA  using (6th edition)rules for attributing sources. Your final paper will be a 3- to 8-page Microsoft 

Word document

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