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Government 2306. Assignment Due In 10 hrsAnswers 60Homework Assignment

his graded discussion is based on guided writing.  In order to be successful on this discussion, you need to CLEARLY demonstrate an understanding of the information and the questions presented.  OPINIONS need to be based on EVIDENCE.  This means you need to provide documentation for statements.  Following directions is important.

You will be given article(s) to read, then you will provide your opinions on the topic and provide evidence for your position.

READ/or LISTEN to the following about the topic:

1.  Benjamin, Georges.  "Healthcare isn't a Game.  The Texas ACA lawsuit could be catastrophic for public health." Los Angeles Times. September 4, 2018. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

2.  Platoff, Emma. "Texas asks a federal judge to block Obamacare nationwide."  The Texas Tribune. September 5, 2018. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Now follow these directions to complete the Graded Discussion:

Click on the above link(s) and read the article(s).  Then respond to ALL of the questions below.  In order to receive full credit for the discussion, you have to follow the guidelines provided. Remember to incorporate the articles/podcast in your response.  This means that you must briefly summarize and then make connections to them in your response.

Guidelines for submission:  Submissions must have at least 600 words, not including documentation/citations or quotes.  Students must also use proper grammar and punctuation, with no contractions. NO PLAGIARISM is allowed!  If you copy any portion of your submission from external sources, you will receive a 0!  Do not use phrases/quotes from the assigned link or external links to write your response.

You MUST document/cite your submission with in text citations and works cited or you will receive a 0!  


1. How does Texas rank in relation to other states in terms of individuals without healthcare coverage?  What do you believe should be the role of stategovernment in providing healthcare to individuals, if any?  Be specific in what you envision the state government should do and what limitations exist at the state level, if any.

2.  Provide a brief (clear and concise) summary of each article.  Overall, do you believe that the information in the articles are valid? What is your opinion of the information provided by these news sources? (Do you believe that the information is credible?) What connections (compare and contrast) can be drawn with the 2 articles? Provide at least 2 areas that are similar and 2 that are different, with elaboration.  Do these articles impact the way that you view the topic or your decision to participate politically? (Elaborate.)

3.  Based on course topics, why is this topic relevant to the study of government? (This means that you need to make a connection between the articles' topic and at least one topic in the course and provide evidence.)  Why is this topic relevant to society as a whole

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