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fourth amendment paper Answers 1Homework Assignment

this is due by friday 10 pm cst thanks

Select one of the following positions to use in a written editorial:


·         The exclusionary rule should be used as an enforcement technique for violations of the Fourth Amendment.

·         The exclusionary rule should not be used as an enforcement technique for violations of the Fourth Amendment.


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word editorial on the use of the exclusionary rule from the position you selected.


Include the following in your editorial:


·         Explain the Fourth Amendment’s requirements regarding due process and search and seizure issues.


·         Describe the exclusionary rule and explain its use as it relates to violations of the Fourth Amendment, such as an illegal search and seizure by police.  


·         State your position on the exclusionary rule, including your rationale for selecting that position. 


·         Describe opposing points of view on the exclusionary rule.


·         Identify three possible exceptions to the exclusionary rule. State your opinion on whether or not these exceptions should be allowed.


Provide sources to support your argument. You may use the textbooks, articles in the University Library, or reputable sources on the Internet.


Format your editorial consistent with APA guidelines. times new roman 12

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