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 For this unit, you will post your thoughts about how distr

 For this unit, you will post your thoughts about how distributed work environments can enhance social innovation. Integrate information from your readings and videos that you have viewed. Part of this assignment is to find a new resource on this topic (i.e. can be a movie, an article, a video clip) that you will share with the class in order to expand the discussion of this topic and/or illustrate a concept from this unit. NOT TO EXCEED ONE PAGE, AND CITE ACCORDINGLY.. DUE FRIDAY 04/14 AT MIDNIGHT.. SECOND ASSIGNMENT…Take the Political Skill Assessment shown on Page 440.  The assessment is a measure of your ‘networking ability’ and ‘social astuteness’. What do the results indicate about you?  You can read a brief description of the terms on the prior page. Do you agree with your results? Why or why not? How would you develop these skills?- Applying chapter 16 concepts, how would you describe the culture of the organization you currently work in? What factors contribute to your assessment? Book for this class.. O’Dell, Carla, Hubert, Cindy. (2011).  The New Edge in Knowledge.  New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., ISBN: 978-0-470-91739-8NOT TO EXCEED ONE PAGE, AND CITE ACCORDINGLYIF need be… think law enforcement agency.. if not this is a discussion form assignment and does not have a specific format.

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