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For this stage of your makeover project, you will develop a brief

For this stage of your makeover project, you will develop a brief user test for your screen design to gain valuable information. You will write and administer the test to six or more real people outside of our classroom, record the results from those tests, and write an analysis of your findings. By the due date, upload the project elements to the Discussion Area on the next page.By the due date: Write a minimum of 7 questions. Remember that you are the designer; so unless the testing audience is a group of fellow designers, avoid direct questions regarding color, layout, and typography. Instead, focus on legibility, clarity, and how the elements made the user feel. Find 6 or more people who are close to the target audience of your website. Describe the individuals you have recruited for your test. Remember to use real people! Any questions with regard to test method or the recording of results that you would like to pose to your classmates for their input.Review and CritiqueBy the due date, copy and paste your user testing information and results into the Discussion Area on the next page. By the end of the lesson week, review and critique the work of at least two other students, and address questions and comments made by others about your work.use website for the paper example how the paper should be in the attachment ‘example’ , and my website ideas will help you answer some questions

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