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For this assignment you will complete research using scholarly so

For this assignment you will complete research using scholarly sources to locate and discuss two different diseases. One disease example must be of microbial origin and the second disease example must be of non-microbial origin.As a reminder, microbes that cause disease are called pathogens. A pathogen is a micro-organism that has the potential to cause disease. The most common microbial causes of diseases and infections are bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Examples of non-microbial causes of disease include immune or nervous system disorders, psychological stress, traumatic injury, chemicals, etc.You will create a PowerPoint presentation. For each disease, discuss the following:pathophysiologyprevalenceetiologyclinical manifestationsdiagnosis treatment – when discussing treatment, it will be imperative that you discuss medication administration and dosage.PresentationUse PowerPointInclude a title slideMake sure that each slide is clearly labeledUse the notes area of the slide to use as speaker notes (script) as if you were presenting the slide to an audience/classMinimum of 13 slidesInclude slide transitionsMake sure the design is professional and the text is readable.Make sure to spell check.Note: You can use the template as a starting point or create your own.

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