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FOR NATURAL SCIENCE GURU. Phase 1 IP, Documents attached.Answers 1Homework Assignment




Deliverable Length:   400–600 words + draft reports






Assignment Objectives: Demonstrate the integration of knowledge from prior coursework.


Demonstrate skills through case study.






Scenario Part 2


The police conducted a second interview. As Suspect 2, Keith Hopkins, waited for the detective to speak to him again, he appeared to be deleting messages from his phone. As the second interview began, Hopkins admitted to hiding the stolen property from both victims inside his residence located at 1106 SE 9th Ave. He stated that the victim's property was hidden in a laundry basket in his bedroom. He also stated that Suspect 1, Steve Chapman, hid the gun used in the robbery in the attic of his house under the insulation. You suspected that there may also be additional evidence in the house, but Keith Hopkins will no longer provide you with any information. The police asked Mr. Hopkins for consent to search his residence, but he immediately remembered an episode of his favorite police show and refused to give you permission to search his house for the evidence.


As the lead detective, you have decided to secure the residence, and you proceed with a search warrant. Using fictional details of your own choice, draft an affidavit and search warrant.


  • Click here to download an Affidavit form. (Utah Courts, 2010)

  • Click here to download a Search Warrant report form. (Utah Courts, 2010)

    Be sure to include a detailed description of the residence, items to be seized, and an affidavit of probable cause to search the house.

    After you execute the search warrant, you recover the victim's property inside the residence. Answer the following:


  • Describe the next steps.

  • Explain how you would process the evidence. Include mention of documentation that you will need for the execution of the warrant.

  • Provide a minimum of 2 scholarly resources in APA format


    Utah Courts. (2010, July 8). Introduction to search warrants. Retrieved from




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