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  What is important about modeling behavior to preschoolers?

15.  What are some materials for expression?  How are these materials used?

16.  List fifteen (15) social and emotional skills children can learn through direct instruction.

17.  List nine (9) classroom teaching strategies to support children's emotional and social development.

18.  Why is it hard for preschoolers to express feelings by "using their words"?

19.  Why is it important to nurture individual identity in preschoolers?

20.  List eight (8) teacher behaviors that nurture positive individual identity.

21.  How can teachers facilitate healthy gender identity?

22.  List several suggestions for promoting positive attitudes toward racial and cultural identity for all children.

23.  List ten (10) quick ways to analyze children's books for racism and sexism.

24.  Define pluralist and bilingualism.

25.  How can a teacher foster friendships among preschoolers?

26.  List eleven (11) important suggestions for nurturing prosocial behaviors.

27.  Define guidance, coercion, retaliation, authoritative, natural consequences, logical consequences and renewal time.

28.  List ten (10) techniques for guidance that leads to self-control.


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