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For fast-food restaurants, the drive-through windo

For fast-food restaurants, the drive-through window is an increasing source of revenue. The chain that offers the fastest service is likely to attract additional customers. Each month QSR Magazine,, publishes its results of drive-through service times (from menu board to departure) at fast-food chains. In a recent month, the mean time was 134.09 seconds for Wendy’s, 163.17 seconds for Taco Bell, 166.65 seconds for Burger King, 174.22 seconds for McDonald’s, and 194.58 seconds for KFC. Suppose the study was based on 20 customers for each fast-food chain. Table 11.5 contains the ANOVA table for this problem.Source Degrees of Freedom Sum of Squares Mean Squares F p-value Among chains 4 38,191.9096 9,547.9774 73.1086 0.0000 Within chains 95 12,407.00 130.60At the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a difference in the mean drivethrough service times of the five chains?

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