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Focus on Analysis | Yum! Brands, Inc.(Learning Obj

Focus on Analysis | Yum! Brands, Inc.(Learning Objectives 1, 5: Evaluate quality of earnings; evaluate an investment; analyze supplemental disclosures) This case is based on the Yum! Brands, Inc. consolidated financial statements in Appendix B at the end of this book.1. Focus on the company’s Consolidated Statements of Income for the three years ended December 31, 2012, as well as Note 2 summarizing the company’s significant accounting policies. What is your evaluation of the quality of Yum! Brands, Inc.’s earnings? Explain how you formed your opinion.2. Refer to Note 18 to the Consolidated Financial Statements. How does Yum! Brands, Inc.’s management define its operating segments? Which financial statement information does the company report by operating segment? Which segment appears to be the largest? What does this tell you about the international nature of Yum! Brands, Inc.’s business?3. At the end of 2012, how much would you have been willing to pay for one share of Yum! Brands, Inc.’s stock if you had rated the investment as high risk? As low risk? Use evennumbered investment capitalization rates in the range of 4%10% for your analysis, and use basic earnings per share for continuing operations.4. Go to Yum! Brands, Inc.’s website and get the current price of a share of its common stock. Which value that you estimated in requirement 3 is closest to the company’s actual stock price? (Challenge)5. (Challenge) Does Yum! Brands, Inc., produce a corporate social responsibility report (CSR)? What are the company’s CSR priorities?

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