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First question … is a followup from a question already answered

First question … is a followup from a question already answered…. answer each question in 130-150 words   (old question) How does the social atmosphere of an organization drive the personality of a leader? How does the culture of the organization drive the social atmosphere? (answer) The social atmosphere of an organization is actually helping to drive the personality of a leader because in the organization we have realized that there are many people with different ideas and also with different talents and who are actually interacting together and this makes others learn on how they can become go, leaders, because there are people from different places with different ideas who are ready to mentor and up bring other leaders, another thing is that the organizations are also sponsoring employees to different leadership conferences that are helpful because they help in training the good leaders in the organization. The culture of the organization drive social atmosphere because the organization people are meeting and exchange their cultures, it makes people work together and learn each other hence promoting the social atmosphere, the organization also arranges for the sporting activities which are essential to allow the workers actually to interact and know themselves better and this is helping to ensure that social atmosphere is driven.(new Question) 1. Thanks for the overview. I find it interesting that you looked at the approach backwards and I am inclined to agree; especially for leaders who have led at other organizations. Sometimes they need to be reconditioned to understand how things work, but on the same token, they also like to come in and make changes. Thoughts?2. I would like for you to search the web for a past episode of Undercover Boss (there are some episodes on Youtube – try to find an older episode) and watch a partial or full episode. I would like for you to assess and acknowledge the changes in leadership of the boss undercover and how they implement a reassessment’s based on their experience. (If you have watched an episode in the past, please feel free to use your memory) What are your overall thoughts on the purpose of this show?

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