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Evaluation modelAnswers 47Homework assignment

 Below are the instructions and attached is the paper from week 4 that will be used to create the evaluation chosen.  Chapter 5 is the source and any logic models that might be used. 

Resource: Ch. 5 of Program Evaluation for samples of logic models

Select a Logic Model or a model of your choice to evaluate a course, a training session, or program that you identified in your needs assessment in Week 4. The Logic Models describe how a course, a training session, or program should work to achieve the desired outcomes.

Identify the resources, activities, outputs, short-term outcomes, and impact of your course, training, or program.

Write at least a 1,225-word document that describes the use of the logic model and summarizes each component of the logic model for your chosen course, training, or program.

Format your paper to APA guidelines and include at least three references.

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