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50 words minimum 
This week's audio is very informative but one point stuck out to me the most.  I found it interesting that a big issue is the struggle to have communication between agencies, municipalities, and federally.  It brought up that an example of this is communication through radio.  Each individual has completely different equipment which makes communication with anyone outside of the agency via radio impossible.  You would think with today's technology they would find away to maintain easy communication between all emergency related organizations.  This would ensure that they all are on the same page and can have effective cooperation during big emergencies such as 9/11. What are the methods of communication that currently exist and how do they help different emergency related agencies stay connected?
The first Amendment is a so important to our way of life so when it is abused and people die should the media be held responsible?  There are attempts to hold gunmakers liable for gun deaths so is it the same with media when they provide inaccurate information that may then cause violent protest?
Given the perpetual imbalance between funding and needs in emergency services and criminal justice, what are possible sources of funding for a emergency management training, equipment, and sustainability?
The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA as well as various state and federal grants can be requested to assist in funding the various state and local agencies in their Emergency Management related maintenance and training.  The equipment and personnel are expensive to have and to keep current in training so any help with grants and donations is always appreciated.  Could local fund drives help?
Do you support a national standard for communication equipment for emergency management?  If not, why not?  How would agencies pay for interoperability communications? 

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