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Emergency ManagementAnswers 4 62Homework Assignment


Prepare a 1,000 word document on the disaster risk communication during the mitigation phase of emergency management. The assignment should cover key issues identified in the week's readings and incorporate current research on the topic. The assignment should focus on your community or a community of choice if you reside outside of the United States. 

Remember to support your work with APA references and ensure the document complies with all APA formating. I encourage you to also use academic, peer-reviewed resources within your assignment.


Islam & Ryan. (2015). Hazard Mitigation in Emergency Management. ISBN 9780128004357. The link to access the book is 1 Chapters 9 and 12

Government Documents and Websites:

FEMA (2015). Public Survey Findings on Flood Risk. Retrieved from 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2014). Crisis emergency and risk communication. Retrieved from

United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction (2014). Reading the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015 – 2030. Retreived from

Department of Homeland Security (n.d.). Retreived from

Academic Journal Articles:

Fekete, A., Hufschmidt, G., & Kruse, S. (2014). Benefits and challenges of resilience and vulnerability for disaster risk management. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science, 5(1), 3-20. doi:10.1007/s13753-014-0008-3

Mayhorn, C. B., & McLaughlin, A. C. (2014). Warning the world of extreme events: A global perspective on risk communication for natural and technological disaster. Safety Science, 61, 43-50. doi:10.1016/j.ssci.2012.04.014

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