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Edit the following paragraphs for twenty errors in

Edit the following paragraphs for twenty errors in wordiness,slang, cliches, and vague language to make the text more effective.1.1.At this point in time, many people are freaking out about genetically modified foods. Genetic modification (GM) is a technology that lets scientists fool around with genetic composition of plants. Historically, people have always tried to change the characteristics of plants for the purpose of making them more disease-resistant. That process has traditionally been done through hybridization, a tried and true method. That is, two parent plants from the same genus are bred to create an improved hybrid plant. One true fact is that hybrid wheat is hardier than traditional wheat. 2.Today, in North America, hundreds of foods are genetically modified. In the final analysis, there is great controversy about genetically modified foods. Proponents of this technology say time and time again that food will contain higher levels of nutrition, be resistant to disease, and produce higher yields. In spite of the fact of such arguments, opponents are all fired up about genetically modified foods because they say that there is not enough knowledge about how such foods will affect human health. They believe such foods might be a death trap. For example, will humans who are allergic to peanuts have a reaction if they are eating tomatoes that have been genetically modified with a peanut gene? Furthermore, opponents believe that the loss of diversity in crops and plants really bites. Another worry is that food production will control growth and distribution of food. Moreover, the bigwigs in this debate stress out about the ethics of mixing genes from species to species.3.The genetically modified food industry is growing rapidly in size. But it is important to have a healthy and open debate over the issue. Presently, consumers are faced with difficult dilemma. Most people are in a fog and are unknowingly buying genetically modified foods because such foods lack complete labeling. For example, most cooking comes from genetically modified grains. The public should be in the know about this technology. Consumers need to be clued in so that they make the right choices.

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