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DNA (biology)Answers 1Homework Help

Practice and understand transcription and translation at the Utah genetics website before doing the homework. Use codon table provided in class for protein synthesis. Given the DNA sequence below:


1. Replicate the strand by writing the complementary sequence. Label the 5’ and 3’ ends in the new strand. 2. Assume the original strand is the template strand for a gene. Transcribe the template strand to an mRNA sequence. Label the 5’ and 3’ end of the mRNA. 3. Find the start codon on the mRNA and enclose it in a box. 4. Write the amino acid sequence of the translation product starting from the start codon, until you encounter a stop codon. Enclose the stop codon with a box. If a stop codon is not present, create one by adding nucleotide sequences to both the gene and mRNA. 5. During DNA replication, a mutation occurred and GGT in the sequence given above, got deleted from the gene. Transcribe the mutated DNA strand. Give the amino acid sequence of the resulting mutated protein. If a stop codon is not present, create one by adding sequences to the gene and mRNA. 6. In another mistake in DNA replication, a T (indicate in yellow color) was incorporated in place of the C. Transcribe the mutated DNA strand, then determine the amino acid sequence of the mutant protein. 

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