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Discussion post for U.S. GovernmentAnswers 29Homework Assignment

1. Discuss the problems inherent in interpreting statutes and the Constitution. How do the courts try to resolve these problems?

2. How did the Supreme Court use judicial review to change American society?

3. What was John Marshall’s impact on the history of the Supreme Court, and federalism?

4. How important is wealth to access the legal system?

5. Identify the major checks on judicial power. Are they effective or ineffective in limiting judicial action?

6. Should there be term limits for Supreme Court justices?

7. How does the Americans with Disabilities Act demonstrate the law-making ability of the court system?

8. How are judges, especially Supreme Court justices, selected? How political is the process? What can be done, if anything, to fix the process?

9. In what ways was Bush v. Gore a political decision?  

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