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Directions: Develop a 18-20 slide mock PowerPoint Presentat

Directions: Develop a 18-20 slide mock PowerPoint Presentation. Things to consider:Make sure that you review the handouts I have provided you about developing the PowerPoint presentations. 1. MAKE AN OUTLINE ALSO.Remember to use1) an appropriate font style and size; 2) use bullets not complete sentences, unless you are incorporating a direct short quote;3) select a PowerPoint template that is appealing and legible; 4) incorporate imagesthat are appropriate and from legitimate sites/sources; 5) remember to document your sources for quotes, etc. in the body of the PowerPoint;6) list your citations using MLA formatting rules on the Works Cited page; and lastly,7) be creative and develop your own style, 8) each group member must upload the same version of the PowerPoint Quiz. ChecklistYour PowerPoint presentation must include the following slides:1- Title Page slide2- Introductory slides3- Main point slides3- Supporting slides3- Transitional slides5- Slides with images and text1- Any Questions slide1 or 2- Works Cited slides (with at least 5 citations- MLA, text, lecture, web, images)

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