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Describe the impact you think the bill/resolution,

Describe the impact you think the bill/resolution, if enacted, would have on the organization and on its employees. Some suggestions include:Fair payEqual payUnemployment insuranceEmployee ownershipAffordable Care ActEmployer sponsored health careLiving wagePay discriminationFLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)Minimum wageFMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)vacationEmployee health carePrevailing wageERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)PensionsHealth insurance portabilityCollective bargainingCard checkClawbacksWage differentialsWage inequalityCEO/worker pay ratioIn a previous executive pay scandal, a law was passed which limited executive base pay to no more than $1 million. (An organization could pay more, but could not deduct the excess from its taxes as a business expense.) Employers could pay performance-based bonuses and give stock options, however, since (presumably) these payments would motivate executives to high performance and increased share prices (good for all employees, shareholders and the economy in general). Of course it also motivated executive to cut corners and behave unethically (and criminally) to simulate high performance and to drive up share prices. What unexpected consequences might the bill/resolution you study have?

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