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Define your “cultural space”. What is your race, religi

Define your “cultural space”. What is your race, religious affiliation, your socioeconomic background and extent of your sexual orientation exposure? Describe your recreational preferences (Nascar, etc.), type of music (classical, rock, religious, country), type of magazines you like to read. After listing your cultural space find a way to change your cultural space by participating in the following:A.  Attend an event by a social/cultural group different from your own.B. Then describe the event you attended and why you attended the  event.C. Discuss the feelings and thoughts you had about fulfilling this assignment.D. Explain what you learned about yourself, your values, and your experiences.E. Discuss what you learned about others and how this learning might impact your anticipated professional practiceF. Possible events include:1. Attending a religious/spiritual service of a faith different from your own.2. Attending a church where most members are of an ethnicity different from yours.3. Attending a Native American pow-wow4. Attending a meeting of a political group representing a minority group (e.g. NAACP).5. Attending a gay/lesbian activity6. Fayetteville Symphony/North Carolina Symphony7. Ballet8. Poetry reading/art exhibit9. Conversation with an international student about the differences between the United States and the student’s countryG. Each student is to turn in a 3-4 page paper that describes the experience from a personal point of view. Give a brief description of the event, group, etc. that you observed or participated in including the location, date attended, purpose of the event or group, type of participants, etc. Include a section on what if any self-awareness you gained as a result of this experience, any preconceived ideas or stereotypes you may have had, and a section on any cultural awareness you gained. The assignment must be typed and double spaced. You are not limited to the events mentioned as examples. Label and address every component! Please provide 3 references about your event. For example, if you attended a mosque to worship you may want to research this area. If you attended the symphony, you may want to read about this area.

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