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Criminal Justice research paperAnswers 1Homework Assignment

In this research project, you will apply what you have learned about differing theories of crime to real world examples. The goal of this research exercise is to help you compare and contrast differing explanations for criminal behavior and to think through how policy makers might attempt to develop policies to control crime based on those theories.

Visit the following links and read the entire sections about at least two of these high profile criminal cases:

Or, you can choose any other famous case from the Crime Library:
After reading at least two of the sites sites, you need to do some research on the cases you choose. You will then write a research paper about your findings. In your research you need to address the following:

1.  Provide a summary of the case, the individuals involved, and the outcome in each case.

2.  Which theory or theories of crime causation described in chapter 3 and the modules best explain the criminal behavior of the individuals involved in the cases listed above?  What evidence is offered that convinces you this is the best theory or theories?  Be sure to identify the strengths and limitations of the theories you use in your discussion. 

     3.  What crime prevention and correctional policies should be employed with criminal offenders like those involved in the cases listed above?   Use evidence from the reading and the module to explain your answer.

Your paper should conform to the following guidelines:
1. Your paper should be no less than 5, double spaced pages.
2. Your paper should include information from no less than 5 outside sources (3 of these sources can be from the website above. At least two must be from another source).
3. Your paper should conform to traditional research paper structure
(12 pt. font, double spaced, 1 inch margins)
4.  Your paper should be submitted using Microsoft Word
   You will submit your paper via the drop box. When you click on the drop box you will see a folder with your name. Click on your name and then click on the upload box to upload your paper.

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