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Contact a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hea

Contact a Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations- (JCAHO-) accredited hospital in your area and speak to the director of facility maintenance (or any middle- or upper-level manager who is qualified to talk about OSHA compliance). Ask this person what activities he or she undertakes on a regular basis to remain OSHA compliant.Based on your findings, write an essay synthesizing and analyzing the OSHA issues faced by the facilities manager. This essay should provide a list of the OSHA standards that apply to the organization, describe the ways the organization becomes compliant with OSHA regulation, provide examples of the common violations of these regulations found in the facility, and explain how the facility stays abreast of the changes in the standards.Be sure your essay summarizes the following information:Identify any OSHA fines incurred by the organization and provide the amounts of such fines.List the activities undertaken by your interviewee to remain OSHA compliant and describe the frequency of each.Describe any training that is conducted within the hospital staff to help ensure that standards are maintained.Provide a list of the OSHA standards that apply to the organization.Finally, provide your thoughts on the specific practices and broad principles that should be invoked to ensure OSHA compliance. If you were the facilities manager of the organization you interviewed, what would you do differently and why?Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length and discuss and cite at least two credible sources other than the course textbook.

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