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COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 1 DiscussionWith th

COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 1 DiscussionWith the advent of the Internet; many videos, photos, articles, etc., are more accessible to people around the world. Where once, an individual would have to go to a movie theatre, photographer, or pick up a paper, individuals can create from the privacy of their home. Laws that use to protect creators rights are now able to be infringed with a program and the stroke of a key. Discuss how the digital revolution made this possible and if it is ethical or unethical to use material that is considered in the public domain.COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 2 DiscussionDescribe in detail the role the control unit plays in a CPU. Include the relationship it has with the ALU. Detail how each process would work and provide a real life example of the entire process.COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 3 DiscussionThe Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging field that combines many different aspects of accessing the Internet via technology. For example, your fridge can come connected to the Internet and provide you a way of shopping to fill your refrigerator. The IoT is increasing everywhere to allow user to get, use and or create information for many things. Name at least one type of IoT, whether it is new been around or still in development. Discuss how this would impacts your life, the life of others. Is it beneficial or is it just a gimmick?COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 4 DiscussionWe all use the Web in many different ways. We Blog about something or we view online stores and do our shopping. Some of us even get our news from websites. How does the Web impact society today. What role does it play in promoting agendas, communication, services or selling products?COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 5 DiscussionSoftware comes in many different forms and types. Even though as consumers we believe once we purchase something (a product) we own that product. Software is not something we tangibly own, we license the rights to use it. Since we only license the rights to use, it is it legal and ethical to reverse engineer software? Are there types of software with which we can alter and change?COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 6 DiscussionAs consumers and managers in an organization, security is sometimes placed on the back burnerto other needs. However, there are financial and brand costs to security intrusions. Compare and contrast how you personally and an organization you work for could be impacted if security is not taken seriously. Name at least one recent high profile security intrusion.COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 7 DiscussionDigital security is an increasing concern is the Internet age. In order to protect sensitive information online, what are the methods for enhancing digital security? Select one method and describe in detail how it is implemented and how you would implement it to protect your online data.COM 203 Computer SystemsModule 8 DiscussionProgramming is an extremely important knowledge to have. For example, if you like video games, those games have been developed using programming languages. Identify one type of programming language and discuss at least one difference between other languages and the pros and cons of both.

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