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Classify the following quality costs as prevention

Classify the following quality costs as prevention costs, appraisal costs, internal failure costs, or external failure costs: 1. Scrap (created by defective units) 2. Certifying a vendor to ensure that quality parts are provided 3. Stopping work to control process malfunction 4. Replacing a defective product for a customer 5. Goods returned because they were defective 6. Inspecting a subassembly 7. Inspecting and testing prototypes 8. Reinspecting a reworked product 9. Packaging inspection 10. Lost sales because of recalled products 11. Recall to repair defective products 12. Process acceptance 13. Internal audit to ensure that quality guidelines and processes are being followed 14. Repairing products in the field 15. Providing engineering assistance to selected suppliers to improve their product quality 16. Correcting a design error discovered during product development 17. Settling a bodily injury lawsuit caused by a defective product 18. Customer complaint department 19. Quality control circles 20. Continuing supplier verification 21. Redesigning a product to eliminate a product defect 22. Lost sales because of product quality concerns

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