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assume you are the Athletic Director (AD) at Equality Colle

assume you are the Athletic Director (AD) at Equality College.   
The men’s basketball coach comes to you and tells you the Associate Athletic Director (AAD), a female, has been groping him without his permission and making suggestive comments about his anatomy.  He has asked her repeatedly to stop such actions, to no avail.  Recently, the AAD has suggested that if the soccer coach refuses to return her “favors,” he might not receive a favorable year-end review.  The AAD’s actions have caused the coach to lose sleep, and his job performance has been negatively affected.a)  Describe the two (2) types of sexual harassment (SH).  b) Do the AAD’s actions constitute SH?  c) If so, which type(s)?  d) As the AD, list four (4) actions you should take as result of what the basketball coach told you.  e) List four (4) things the school could do in an effort to prevent something like this from happening again. No more than 250 words totalPlease use references and cite this APA style.need back in my hands by Sunday 6:00pm.  Do not put anything extras just answer the questions a-e.

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