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Assignment 2: Describing the Sample Building on yo

Assignment 2: Describing the Sample Building on your own research topic discussed in Module 2, discuss the following information concerning your sample. Submit your checklists no later than by the due date assigned. Remember, this is a process so please make sure to incorporate corrections based on the feedback you received on previous assignments! Research Topic: Purpose of the Study: Overarching Research Question or Theory: Specific Research Questions/ Philosophical Underpinnings: Methodological Approach and Rational: Sample: What is the anticipated sample size: How many will be included? How will you determine this number? Explain the demographic variables (age, gender, ethnicity, education etc. and how these relate to the study). What population does the sample belong to? Ie: What are the general demographic characteristics of the population (students, children, healthy adults, mentally ill adults etc). Recruitment: How do you plan to recruit the participants? Will all those recruited be included in the study? Why or why not? What type of sampling procedure will you use? Location: Where will the data be collected? Discuss potential difficulties you may encounter in recruiting this population and/or discuss your plan on how to access this population

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