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As the United States invests more resources into s

As the United States invests more resources into security and protection, all levels of law enforcement are affected. After each national crisis, regardless of whether it is natural or man-made, numerous researchers point to the mental health of all of those individuals involved. Police officers, by the very nature of their jobs, are some of the first to respond to disasters. It is no surprise that emergency responders become a major focus in the mental health field after such events.Based on your reading in the text and credible research from the Internet, respond to the following:How can you ensure that information about available mental health resources and psychological assistance is provided to first responders? Explain in detail.What types of communications and information management systems can you utilize to ensure that psychological assistance is provided for first responders? Explain in detail.Be very specific in your application plan, and support your response with scholarly and academic resources.How would you implement a performance management system? Explain in detail.You will need to ensure that communications channels are two-way.Be specific, and fully justify your response.As a manager, how will you allow complaints to be communicated? Explain.How will you store and organize that information so that complaints are addressed appropriately? Explain.

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