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Apply Concept of dignity in nursing relations to h

Apply Concept of dignity in nursing relations to hygiene requirements skills in nursing. (Dignity as a concept in Nursing and hygiene requirement as the skills) Structured your essay should be structured in a logical manner and should include an introduction and conclusion, demonstrating a coherent line of discussion Harvard style of referencing (bibliography citation) should be use and also using Harvard style of referencing in the within the in-text citation (body of the essay). Follow the format below and each section be underline in according to the followed belowed Essay should between 2200 words ( words does not include reference list) Minimum of 15 references is needed with the in-text citation (body of essay) and reference list (bibliography reference list) The book, journal or articles used should be with 10 years Should 100% UNIQUE AND FREE FROM PLAGIARISM Define the concept Dignity in Nursing, outline the features of the concept dignity, explain the importance and the relevance of the concept to nursing Define the skill Hygiene requirement in nursing, and outline the features of the skill hygiene requirement, explain the importance and the relevance to nursing Discussed how the main principles of the concept would influence how you would undertake the skill in practice e.g. closing curtains; maintaining privacy; explanations to the patient. Outlined how the concept and nursing skill enables a sense of security relationship centered care of Nolan six senses framework ( i.e., how will the concept make the patient feel in terms of sense of security, sense of belonging )

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